Bitgesell is a young blockchain project started in April of this year by Emma Wu. Its codebase is derived from Bitcoin but has some differences when it comes to certain aspects. Bitgesell has learned from the mistakes and struggles Bitcoin and other PoW chains have had in the first years of their existence. Its main goals at launch were to create an asset that would constantly increase in value by implementing some changes in the intrinsic asset model.

Increasing value through increased scarcity

Bitgesell has kept some similarities that make Bitcoin into a great store of value. The maximum supply of mineable coins is and…

Honestly… It’s really easy and you won’t need a monster computer to keep it running. In this article we’ll walk you through 6 easy steps to get your node up and running in less than 5 minutes. This guide is for a Windows installation. We’ll cover a guide for a Mac OS X in the near future too. Looking for a Linux installation guide? Check out our guide for Ubuntu here!

Step 1

Go to and download the appropriate Windows 64-bit version installer file.

It’ll only take a couple of seconds…

Step 2

Run the installer file…

So exactly one month ago, the kick-off was made for a hackathon. An online competition for blockchain developers organised by Phystech Genesis, a Russia based company with quite a few hackathon experiences under the belt. For this event in particular they successfully managed to enroll 275 enthusiasts comprised in 34 teams. Full stack developers, blockchain specialists or newbies, creative minds, everyone was welcome to chip in and work a weekend long on developing a desktop and a mobile wallet solution.

For at that moment there really was no one-stop solution for when the Bitgesell user wanted to store his or…

Bitgesell — Store of Value

Digital Asset #Bitgesell (#BGL) Provides the Perfect Ecosystem to Become Digital Gold.

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