Bitgesell — Store of Value
3 min readApr 20, 2022

Using’s Bitgesell (BGL) Price Page, users now can directly access Bitgesell’s RSS news feed. This feature will help visitors to receive the latest news and updates on Bitgesell, a store-of-value aimed coin with burn of 90% of transaction fees. users would now know the latest Bitgesell updates, including software versions, events in addition having the latest BGL price, trading volume, live charts and market capitalization information. As a major player in the whole industry, makes it easy to enter crypto world and trade many tokens at true market price with USD, EUR, GBP and many other fiat currencies. There are currently over 100 cryptocurrencies that are listed on App and available for trade.

Bitgesell — a store-of-value crypto coin taking best approaches from BTC, plus adding deflationary mechanics in form of 90% burn of transaction fees, reduced halving time, block size, SegWit only transactions and SHA3-Keccak hashing.

Bitgesell, which now exists for around 2 years (and few days ago passed it’s second halving) is a blockchain project founded by Emma Wu, that is a smart combination of proven design standards and novel updates in several areas relies on a spinoff of the original Bitcoin codebase.

Bitgesell coin has a four times faster halving frequency than Bitcoin, boosting the imbalance between supply and demand at an increasingly quicker pace.

Also, unlike Bitcoin, although Bitgesell shares the same 21 million coin supply, 90% of all transaction fees are burned, further bolstering digital scarcity.

The reduced halving timing implements an accelerated model of Bitcoin in the present day, which cuts the distribution times shorter to attain faster evolution of the coin economy.

Bitgesell’s increased rate of halving will allow all coins to be mined much faster than Bitcoin will, thereby touching the total circulating supply by 2054. There will always only be 21 million BTC, BGL will actually decrease in supply lower than 21 million coins over time, further driving up the value and price per coin. Bitcoin is often incorrectly considered deflationary due to its limited supply and use as a hedge against inflation. However, a true deflationary asset, such as Bitgesell, must actually decrease in supply.

Deflationary assets appreciate in value over time, as it discourages overspending. And in the current economic climate where inflationary fiat currencies are being produced in the most abundance ever, the type of deflation Bitgesell provides is invaluable for investors seeking to protect wealth.

Deflationary systems are proven effective in generating a sizable uptick in price per coin, based on a reduction in supply alone. As an example, the CRO token rose by over 70% with a more than 800% uptick in trading volume, based on the announcement of a token burn.


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Bitgesell — Store of Value

Digital Asset #Bitgesell (#BGL) Provides the Perfect Ecosystem to Become Digital Gold.